January 2018


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if my Insurance company says I have to go to a specific shop for my repairs?

A: Per NYS law it is up to the insured where they would like to have their vehicle repaired. Often times, insurance companies will partner with a collision shop and try to send as much business as possible to this location. While there is nothing wrong with partnerships like this, there is also nothing wrong with shopping around and giving your business to the shop you feel most comfortable with. At Arieno’s, we strive to get the opportunity to earn your business.


Q: What will I drive while my vehicle is being repaired?

A: At Arieno’s , we understand that making arrangements for transportation  while your car is in our shop can be time consuming and often stressful. So we will handle all of the arrangements for your rental from start to finish. When you arrive at Arieno’s, we will make sure your rental is here waiting for you. You sign and drive and then when you come to pick up your personal vehicle after the repairs are completed, you simply leave the rental and we will arrange for pick up.


Q: How do I bring my vehicle to Arieno’s if it is not running or potentially unsafe to drive?

A: We do business with several different tow companies and would be more than happy to arrange for your vehicle to be brought into our shop. Also, ask us about our free towing options!


Q: How do I handle my insurance claim?

A: You really don’t have to. All we ask is that you obtain a claim number and we will handle the rest. From arranging for adjusters to come out for the initial estimate to any additional phone calls, supplement repairs, status updates and payment arrangements, you wont have to worry about any of it!


Q: Will my car be totaled if the frame is damaged?

A: No. Only when the total cost of repairs exceeds your insurance companies determined value of your vehicle. If the frame is Damaged, it can be repaired or otherwise replaced.


Q: How close can you match my paint color?

A: Arieno’s Collision has made a sizable investment in the best paint technology system available. We find it extremely important that constant upgrades are made to ensure paint match quality on all vehicle paint jobs, custom or factory.


Q: How long will it take for the repairs to be completed on my vehicle?

A: Every job is going to be different. Before the work is started, you’re given an estimate. Labor time and parts availability makes up the overall repair time depicted in that estimate. Pick up dates and times are always discussed and agreed upon before or at the time of drop off. Also, you can chose to be notified of the status either every day throughout the repair process or when work is completed and ready for pick up.


Q: Do I get any kind of a warranty on the work?

A: All of our repairs are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. *****ADD MORE PER NICK****


Q: What qualifies a car to be “totaled”?

A:Most insurance companies consider a vehicle a total loss when the damages total  75% of the value of the vehicle. The value is determined by the mileage, available options and overall condition. This value may vary with different insurance companies.


Q: What kind of parts will be used on my car?

A: If it is part of an insurance claim, it is determined by the insurance company weather new, used or aftermarket parts are used. This is based on agreements outlined in your contract. All parts are certified through rigorous qualifications pertaining to quality and durability. However if the repairs to your vehicle are not part of an insurance claim and you are responsible for payment, it is entirely up to you what kind of parts you’d like to be used.


Q: Do I need to make an appointment to get an estimate?

A: No, walk-ins are certainly welcome anytime during business hours of 8-5 and they’re always free!


Q: When and to whom do I pay my deductable?

A: Your deductable is paid to the shop at the time you pick up your vehicle after repairs are complete. That deductable amount is determined and agreed upon in your insurance contract and can range anywhere from $250 – $1000 depending on your individual policy.


"As a first time customer I couldn't be more pleased with the excellent service I received. Very prompt service. I can honestly say all around I am a very satisfied customer."

- Carol H. -

"I was shocked when I saw it all Finished. The service was quick, they took care of everything for me, All I had to do was drop it off and pick it up"

- Jessica W. -

"I've been taking my cars here for years now...everyone is knowledgeable and they do a great job getting me in and out quickly. The guys are so friendly and explain everything to me if I'm ever confused."

- Bailey M. -